The Girls Next Door (Detective Eden Berrisford, #1)The Girls Next Door by Mel Sherratt

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Six months after the stabbing of fifteen-year-old Deanna Miller, someone is coming after the teenagers of Stockleigh, as a spate of vicious assaults rocks this small community. Revenge for Deanna? Or something more? Detective Eden Berrisford is locked into a race against time to catch the twisted individual behind the attacks – but when her own niece, Jess Mount, goes missing, the case gets personal.
I am a fan of Mel Sherratt mostly because of her gritty realism. And that’s what got me about this book. It wasn’t gritty. At least not for me. There just seemed too much ‘niceness’ about it. The plot was good, the twist at the end was great but I expected more tension and more conflict. Read it and make your own mind up, but I prefer Mel’s earlier work.

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