The Poison ArtistThe Poison Artist by Jonathan Moore

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dr Caleb Maddox is an expert on pain. A leading San Francisco toxicologist, he is mapping the chemical traces that show how much agony a human body can endure. But now a different kind of pain is distracting him from his life’s work – the violent break-up of his relationship with his artist girlfriend, Bridget. Caleb is plunged into a nightmare where love, madness and murder are clasped in a lethal embrace – and untangling the truth could be the last thing he wants to do.
This book has it all. It’s a twisted, dark, psychological thriller come gothic novel. I was drawn into Caleb’s world in all its horror and really couldn’t put this book down. The characters are exquisitely drawn and the plot provides a twist that you maybe know is coming, but hope it isn’t! I received a review copy via Netgalley.

The Poison Artists is available from Amazon here.

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