If you’re looking for a highly entertaining read, then No Easy Way Out is definitely a book for you. Johnny Silver, an Israeli army-trained mercenary, has retired to St Jude in the Caribbean and runs a beach bar with his pregnant Chechnyan wife Anna. Forced out of retirement by an unscrupulous DEA agent, Johnny must take on the task of releasing Maria, the daughter of Emanuel Estavez, a pillar of the community, who runs a chain of Mexican restaurants in the States.

The author’s military knowledge shines through, but does not overshadow the adventure of a band of brothers, comrades in arms, who know each other well. It is essentially an updated spaghetti western, with the good guys bowling in to save a small town from the baddies. But Johnny Silver isn’t a cliché. I thought his character was well drawn. He has a straight forward, no nonsense military way of thinking, but also has a heart. The story had a multi-layered plot, with lovely cameo parts – Chico was a particular favourite of mine – and a twist at the end. Essentially this is a rattling good read. Don’t over think it – just enjoy it!

I was given a copy of this novel via the publisher in exchange for an honest review.